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Born in 1991 in Toulouse (FR)

from a Caribbean father and a Spanish mother.

Lives and works in Paris.

Artist with an insatiable curiosity, Milan Sanka's work is rooted in his Martinican and Spanish origins, giving life to satirical, offbeat and even serious scenes from an obscured topicality.

As part of the figuration narrative movement, the artist depicts his environment with a concern for synthesis that allows the message of his work to be grasped at a glance. The characters drawn in white stand out against their black background to reveal a scene with a reduced palette, as if to leave clues without cluttering up the message to be delivered. This sense of detail is also reflected in Milan Sanka's choice to produce limited edition silkscreens of 31, the number of the département in his home town of Toulouse.

The importance of communicating is reflected in his masked characters, whose anonymity gives them a universal appeal. Each of us can recognise ourselves, question ourselves and observe the world around us. 

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