I am a French painter based in Paris.


I was born in 1991 in Toulouse from a Martinican father

and a Spanish mother.

Paint is to me the best way I found to be free to communicate

and express my vision and situations that touch me in our society.

My characters have strange faces inspired by tribe masks from 

my Caribean culture. I like the fact that everybody can recognize

himself or other peoples. Masks are anonymous and so, universal.

No matter where you from, we are all the same, we bleed, we cry

and we laugh.

I like brushes, acrylic and pencil on canvas, paper, mural, etc...



8-11 October 2020

"Art Canister "

Collective exhibition organised by Don Papa Rum

at gallery Joseph, Paris.

14-26 July 2020


Collective exhibition with Ari Kali & Kirrikoo 

at 59 Rivoli's gallery organized by the artists themselves, Paris

22-25 Avril 2020


Creator of a charity auction for the association

Protège Ton Soignant in instagram, Paris.

24-26 January, 2020

"When Basketball Inspire"

Collective exhibition organized by Trajectoire Studio, Paris.

21 November 2019

"CHICO" Private Open Studio

Solo exhibition at 59 Rivoli, Paris.​

May/December, 2019  


Artistic residency as painter in 59 Rivoli, Paris.

2015 - 2019

Works experiences as designer, Paris.

2013 - 2017  

Design studies, Toulouse - Paris.

Exhibition HORS, galerie 59 Rivoli, Paris 2020

Residency at 59 Rivoli, Paris 2019

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