Milan Sanka pour Don Papa -

"When Basketball Inspire"  -  21/11/2019

Collective exhibition organized by Trajectoire Studio, Paris.

Trajectoire Studio is a creative parisian studio that

produce artistic events to express and promote

sports culture. Democratize art through passion, create

meetings, talks and promoting responsibles sports are the

main values of the studio.

In january 2020 they invited me for their next exhibition in

the gallery,

When Basket-ball inspires. 

We choose to create a basket-ball and a painting.

I choose to bring the mentality of the playground : 

be competitive, ruffless in the game, hard work and work hard.

A mentality I learn and dream from my child and adult heroe,

Kobe Bryant. Basketball is my other passion since 13 years old.

Famous mentality that every basketball player purchase

or know.

So we create HIT 'EM UP.

I choose to bring that mentality with a cross with

woman conditions in our world. A woman/girl team,

true warrior because of that women faces everyday

no matter the age, color or culture. So, I made this badass

team, united and determined which no one could stop.

During the exhibition I met the others artists particulary

Kirrikou and Ari Kali, with we create an other exhibition later

the same year.

The last day of the show, after cleaning the event,

we learn that Kobe Bryant was dead. We were 

devasted like it was someone from our family like

thousand of people feel.