Milan Sanka pour Don Papa -

October 2020, I am selected to the Prix Art Canister.

A collective exhibition organized by Don Papa Rum, 

rhum brand from Philipina.

Every artist made an artwork to create a collective 

exhibition and try to win the price to have his artwork

on the next brand packaging.

The subject was :

Sugarlandia (the universe and spiritual place of

Don Papa's rhum) the dream of tomorrow.

I made my research about the brand and his name.

Don Papa was the leader of Philipina independentist's

group against colons.

Thank's to him, Philipina islands were free of the

Spanish during 10 years before USA came and put 

him in jail were he died... Don Papa Rum is an

english brand...

Soooo, I made MOONLIGHT.

My own vision of the sugarlandia of tomorrow,

a land were slaves, oppressed people and native

people get their freedom back, break their chains

and celebrate it. The spectator is not in the scene,

he observe it, in the bushes, is not part of sugarlandia,

because Don Papa Rum isn't from Philipina and the exhibition

is in Paris...

Spectators are not invited they are foreigners.

Sugarlandia is the dream of Papa Isio for his own people.

Maybe he touched it when they were independants...

His dream is still a dream today for the people so maybe

Sugarlandia will be back for a night... or more?